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"Wesley College exists to provide Christian education in order to prepare servants for service to the community."

Wesley College is a new educational venture that is being built from the ground up, not looking at traditional education models, but the specific educational needs in Tanzania and what type of higher education institute would have the ability to address those educational needs. Wesley College will use experiential, project based learning to help prepare students to be job ready professionals.


Wesley College is located in Mwanza, Tanzania, the second largest city in the country. Wesley College is registered with the Institute of Adult Education and the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and opened in February 2017.


Wesley College is currently offering programs in theology, adult education, and short course computer programs.

Starting in 2018 Wesley College will also offer community development, business administration, and information & communication technology.


Wesley College is a United Methodist Church related institution that is endorsed by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church and a member of both the African Association of United Methodist Theological Institutes.

Wesley College is governed by a diverse Board of Trustees containing people from three different nations and from leaders in the religious, government, and private sectors.

We do three things:

  • Our students are educated in order to be productive whether that means gaining employment or starting their own business. 


  • Our students are educated to be community leaders, learning about transformational leadership and how to use their resource of education to transform others and their communities.


  • Our students are prepared for higher education. We accept students who need help finishing secondary school or are in need of preparation in language or computer skills and prepare them for success in higher education.


To see a church which can speak into the world, addressing the challenges that are experienced everyday on both a small and large scale, and to be able to witness to and contribute to the presence of shalom (peace and justice) in the world.


We provide Christian Education 

We provide Adult Education 

We provide Technical skills Education 

We provide Business and Leadership Education 


Our Community focus on providing a unique higher education model designed to address educational needs specific to Tanzania. 

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